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by Sean Fielding / on 17 September, 2022

Let’s Visualize Email Scrubber

Interested in Email Scrubber? Give us a ping to learn more. Schedule a free analysis and impact estimate of your implementation. Or check us out on the App Exchange. As you are aware from Email Scrubber? Tell me more about saving data storage, Email Scrubber
by Sean Fielding / on 7 March, 2022

So, You Want to Delete Email-to-Case Attachments?

If you are considering deleting email-to-case attachments, here are a couple of considerations. First, you need to determine if the email-to-case process is set up to generate Attachments or Files. Salesforce Files replaced attachments and are now the recommended approach as they are shareable
by Sean Fielding / on 28 February, 2022

Psst, Big Objects! Free Data Storage for 1 million records.

Ok, you are right. Technically, since you are paying for your Salesforce licenses, Big Objects are not technically free. A better way to phrase this would be… Big Objects, the data storage you are paying for, but most likely not leveraging. Ok, now you’ve
by Sean Fielding / on 14 February, 2022

Email Scrubber? Tell me more about saving data storage.

Before we delve into the Email Scrubber solution, let’s review how Email Messages are stored. Take a simple example. Let’s take a simple example of a client looking for some refrigerator support. The client initiates a support request by sending an email to the