Case Study “The Big Bloat”

After quickly naming the project “The Big Bloat”. we got down to business with an initial audit. The Instance’s data storage was at 18.5 BG. A whopping 146%. The majority of the data storage (89%) was consumed by Email Messages. And specifically related to Cases. In other words, a perfect use case for Email Scrubber.

For the audit, we reviewed the data to discover Email-to-Case had been busy consuming data since it was turned on in 2020. An Email Scrubber retroactive batch further highlighted the potential savings.

YearTotal RecordsDuplicatesPotential Reduction
Email Messages by message date year

After a review of the audit results and business requirements discussion, a final plan was hatched.

Part 1: Retroactive Emails from 2020-2023

All redundant emails identified by Email Scrubber, for emails generated prior to 2023, were purged. This purge included approximately 200,000 email messages and freed up 9.6 GB of data storage.

Part 2: Go Forward Plan

Identification: Email Scrubber was configured to identify redundant email messages via the delivered trigger and algorithms.

Purge: The purge batch was configured to purge identified redundant email messages 6 month after the case close date.

Monitoring: The Go Forward Plan will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Adjustments will be applied as needed.

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