Introducing Email Scrubber 3.0

Before we jump into Email Scrubber 3.0, let’s take a quick look at what is not changing with the new release.

What is NOT Changing?


  • The data storage usage calculation for the majority of object types is still calculated at 2KB per record (regardless of the actual usage). The storage usage calculation for Email Messages continues to be based on the actual storage used.
  • An Email Message record is still created for each email interaction and will contain the complete email thread history.
  • Additional data storage is still expensive. 1 extra GB of data storage can cost $250 per month (or $3000 per year per extra GB).

Email Scrubber

  • Email Scrubber continues to provide algorithms to identify redundant email messages.
  • Email Scrubber continues to provide options for archiving and purging identified redundant email messages.
  • Email Scrubber continues to reduce data storage by 25-30% in a typical client.

What IS Changing?

In prior versions of Email Scrubber, we provided the option to archive email message records to Big Objects. The Big Objects option provided a native storage solution that was also free (up to 1 million records). While we still love the Big Objects option, some clients find Big Objects to be clunky and lacking in some basic functionality.

With Version 3.0, we are excited to introduce a new Redundant History archiving option. Why are we excited? Well, the Redundant History archiving option:

  • Preserves redundant email messages in a custom Redundant History object.
  • Provides the ability to “still get at” your archived data via the functionality you know and love (such as related lists and reporting).
  • Provides the data storage savings your desperately require (Storage is reduced to 2KB).
  • And includes a purge option in case you need even more data storage savings.

Let’s Walk Through an Example

To give you an idea of how this works, let’s look at an oversimplified example. Let’s review an organization with 10,000 emails.

Email Count10,000
Data Storage Consumed (assuming 100KB average email message record)1GB
Redundant Emails Identified (assuming low end of 25%)2,500

StageEmail StorageRedundant History StorageTotal Storage
Before Email Scrubber1GB (10,000 records)1GB
Redundant History Archive.75GB (7,500 records).005 GB (2500 records).755GB
Redundant History Purge.75GB (7500 records)– (0 Records).75GB

We are thrilled to bring this new option to our client and hope it makes managing your data storage even easier.