Salesforce to Salesforce Integration Setup Quick Start

Setting up Connected app, Auth Provider, and Named Credentials

Create a Connected App (App > App Manager > New Connected App)

  • Connected App Name: Provide a unique value that description the app
  • API Name: Keep the default.
  • Contact Email: Enter a valid contact email

  • Enable OAuth Settings: Check this bot to reveal the OAuth settings
  • Callback URL: The callback URL will be set in a later set. Set to for now.
  • Choose the scopes required for the app. The following scopes are required at a minimum (but identify the full set of scopes based on your integration requirements):
    1. Full access (full)
    2. Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)

  • Save the record.
  • Note the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. These values will be needed for the next step.

Create an Auth. Provided (Identity > Auth. Providers > New)

Provider Type: Choose Salesforce

  • Name: Enter a unique name
  • Consumer Key: Enter the consumer key noted from the Connected App creation.
  • Consumer Secret: Enter the consumer secret noted from the Connected App Creation.
  • Keep the remaining defaults.
  • Save the record.
  • Note the Callback URL defined after the save.

Update the Connected App (Apps > App Manager > Edit)

  • Update the Callback URL
  • Save the record

Create a Named Credential (Security > Named Credentials > New Named Credential)

  • Label: Enter a unique name for the Named Credential.
  • Name: Keep the default.
  • URL: Enter the Salesforce URL (NOTE: Do not use the [domain] If not known, run the following in dev console execute anonymous: system.debug(url.getOrgDomainUrl());
  • Identity Type: Named Principal (This assumes there will be one named principal users under which the Salesforce to Salesforce logic will run. Choose Per User if each login needs to be identified).
  • Authentication Protocol: OAuth 2.0
  • Authentication Provider: The Auth. Provider previously defined.
  • Scope: refresh_token full
  • Start Authentication Flow on Save: Checked
  • Save the record.
  • Saving the record will kick off an authentication request.
  • Authenticate by successfully logging in.