Have social issues? Let’s remove annoying social media logos with File Wipe.

If you are leveraging Email-to-Case, chances are you are dealing with social media logos associated with email signatures.

Example: Facebook icon

Why worry about a few nuisance files?

Good Question.

Unnecessary Clutter

Each social media logo is saved as file (typically named something like image0001, image0002, etc.) and associated with a case. As the number of email exchange increase, then number of files associated to the case also increases. This introduces clutter and buries valuable attachments.

File Storage

Social media logos typically leave a small footprint (typically less than 20KB). What they lack in size, however, they make up for in volume. What happens when you have the same 20KB social media icon saved in your instance 1000 times? 10,000 times? 1,000,000 times? Are you ready to pay for extra file storage to save those logos for cases closed 6 months ago? 2 years ago? 10 years ago?

Introducing File Wipe

Leverage our File Wipe application to automatically target and remove unwanted social media files. Configure the application to suite your needs:

  • Choose your processing preferences
    • Real-Time
    • Schedule
  • Choose your action preference
    • Remove files
    • Rename files
  • Choose your implementation preference
  • Add to your File Wile library
    • On demand
    • As part of an Audit

Basic File Wipe Audit

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